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Bridge the emotional gap of hybrid work!

Hybrid work is the new norm, and lots of things work wonderfully. But coworkers feel disconnected.

This means lower morale, productivity, and loyalty. And a higher staff churn rate.

Quiz!Baby, is a fun way of connecting people, building teams, and improving hybrid collaboration.

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We can build strong relationships by having fun!

Virtual meetings have barriers. People often struggle to express themselves.

People need to get chatting in an informal way. The easiest way to do this is to have fun and a good time together.

They start to know each other better, build trust, and get connected.

  1. Q!B task

    Create teams of 4-6 people and assign them breakout sessions.

    Based on your objectives select the people you team up:

    • Which departments shall collaborate better?
    • Which people need integration? e.g. Introverts, newly hires, ...
    • Who is compatible when you create new units?
  2. Give them fun tasks to solve allowing more time than needed.

    When the teams are idling after having finished each job, they feel entitled to chat.

    • Create a flow by repeatedly switching busy and spare times.
    • Give tasks one by one, keeping them all till the end. This integrates less open people.
    • Spread the topics, so all can contribute. Choose by the demographics of your crowd, interests, ...
    • Create tasks based on combination rather than knowledge. Good tasks incite discussions.
  3. Q!B results

    Wrap it up. Then allow the teams to continue chatting open end.

    Collect all teams in the main session, and walk them through answers and placings. Create memorable feelings to be a team. At the end let them join their breakout sessions. They will continue celebrating their success, and bring them to connect on a more personal level.

    • "Which task did we get right, which we failed?"
    • "We were not bad at all!"
    • "We performed better than team ...!"
  4. Iterate.

    Repeat this format once a month as a routine. You'll see the connections improving. Shortcuts in your organization will appear and people start sharing the big picture.

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Quiz!Baby is a platform helping to (re)-connect your people.

  1. Quiz!Baby offers an all-in service and platform for your virtual and hybrid teams

    • Web-based app with a great user experience for participants, moderators, and content creators.
    • Suspenseful dramaturgy for hybrid and virtual events.
    • Entertaining native moderators.
    • A vast amount of fun content.
    • Superfast correction - no waiting time.
    • Experienced content editors.
    • Operations of on-site parts of hybrid events.
    • Multilingual: English, German, French, and other languages upon request.
  2. Quiz!Baby presented this format more than 600 times since 2020

    Teams from 115 countries participated.

    Q!B hosts free public quizzes regularly, check out the next event.

    Q!B has partners in the UK, South Africa, Germany, France, and Austria.

  3. Quiz!Baby's services

    The Q!B experience can be booked as an all-in care-free experience or modular. The basis is the platform (SAAS) usage. We offer the following components as service or DIY.

    • Content Q!B tailors tasks based on fun trivia, training materials, or your company content.
      Alternatively, you create your content by yourself in Q!B's content creator, or in collaboration with our content editors.
    • Moderation Q!B supplies entertaining, seasoned multi-lingual or native moderators.
      Or, you take your moderator, operating the whole show by Q!B's intuitive app controls.
    • Correction If you take Q!B's moderators, they do the whole correction.
      When you bring your moderator we can offer our super fast correction service.
    • Video chat Q!B supplies Zoom as video chat and optionally Twitch as live moderator streaming. Alternatively, you can use your choice of video chat such as MS-Teams with Q!B.
    • Support At hybrid events Q!B's partners do on-site operations. Q!B assists remote participants.
    • Customization Q!B tailors dramaturgy, content, and events to your needs.
      You can use Q!B in your design and domain space operated by us.
  4. Steps to get a standard Quiz!Baby fun trivia event

    Q!B needs from you:

    • A list of participants with team assignments (Excel format, no email needed)
    • The demography of the participants (age, gender, regions, interests,...)
    • Your choice of the presenting language(s)
    • Your choice of video chat.
    • Date & Time and if there is any introduction speech or other agenda
    • Optionally a top banner

    Q!B delivers:

    • A single invite link for all participants suitable for an e.g. Outlook Calendar invite.
    • According to your demography we select/create fun questions and send them to you for approval as PDF (unless you want to participate yourself)
    • We set up the event, bookable 2 days before the event date.
    • The moderator opens the lobby 20 minutes ahead of the schedule.

    How Q!B works on the event date you can see this in the demo video above.

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Customers said ...

Before: We did not know lots about each other.
After: We are a team and have had lots of fun!

Quiz!Baby has helped these companies build or enhance relationships with their employees, customers, students, alumni, visitors, and new hires.

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