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BE PART OF A DEDICATED TEAM. Actively face challenges and master them together. Have a highlight, together with friends, family, your team.

No matter how much distance lies between you – sign in, meet your team members on your individual video channel and get ready for the quiz. Two hours of entertainment. Two hours of challenges and brain-bending puzzles. Two hours of team spirit are waiting for you. You can remain in your virtual room after the game for as long as you wish.

It’s in the name: Quiz!Baby offers online quizzes. Our seasoned quiz masters, who have been creating and hosting quizzes for years, will lead you through the games. We know our business. The quizzes are tailored, no one quiz is like the other. Matching music to each individual question included. In a well-established environment with your own video chat, you can regularly spend two or more hours competing against other teams.

Do you have a buddy in Paris, a pen-pal in Amsterdam? Maybe your sister’s an expat in Stockholm? And you would all like to meet up for a night of games and puzzles? In the comfort of your own homes? Quiz!Baby makes it possible! And don’t forget grandma – she might just give you the edge to winning.


But beware, it’s addictive. Our quizzes are not off the rack, none are like the ones before. This is our business. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Events, Team Building, & Edutainment

Quiz!Baby offers virtual events with proven success.

Our quizzes engage teams and let them feel positive collaboration. New team members meet colleagues in an informal way. All staff can connect cross-functional and cross-regions and build strong relationships in remote environments – which are here to stay.

The questions are designed to be entertaining, knowable, not too easy, not too hard. They require team discussions and self-organization to be solved. All opinions, thoughts, and intuition are necessary to find the correct answer. When the right solution is found, the team spirit grows.

Q!B's quizzes drive innovation spirit as all people learn openness or acceptance leads to the best results. This is what drives innovation in companies.

The event is presented by experienced, native speaking entertaining moderators. Quizzes are in English, Geman or French.
No efforts are needed on your side - Quiz!Baby has streamlined the technology integrating video team chat, quiz web platform and life streaming.

If you are leading teams and need to integrate remote people ...


Quiz-MC & Quiz-Agencies

Quiz!Baby is a platform connecting Quiz Lovers and Quiz Makers like you.

As a quiz creator you were probably cut off your audience during the last year.
Currently pubs are reopening – as is your business. But online quizzes are here to stay.

All-around care-free

Focus on your expertise: Quizzes and Presentation. Quiz!Baby takes care about the rest.

Quiz!Baby can serve various formats of quizzes, questions and games. If you have special requirements, we are happy to listen!